How London is dealing with Coronavirus

How London is dealing with Coronavirus

In London, Coronavirus or Covid19 was spread quickly. London hospitals are struggling to cope with the many numbers of patients who are seriously ill with Covid19. Because of this, there are some operating theatres which were transformed into intensive care units so that patients can be accommodated.

The first case of the virus was detected in February. It was from a woman who came to London from China. In the first week of March, there were 61 patients who tested positive for the virus that was being reported. A few days after, the first death of a Covid19 patient was confirmed. After that, an explosion in number then began, and more and more cases happened every day. Closure of bars, restaurant and cafes were then advised to combat the spread of the virus. People were encouraged to stay at home to protect them and save their lives. The government urges people to reduce social gatherings. In the middle of March, most universities and school classes were suspended, and many classes have been moved online. It was March 20 when the announcement came that all school would close in London, just like the rest of the UK.

Currently, as of April 19, 2020, the number of reported deaths in London of patients who were positive with the virus is at 3,906. Since the pandemic began, London had the highest number of infected patients.

London right now, just like everywhere else in the world is facing a crisis. Almost all services were disrupted due to the virus. Hospitals are facing pressure due to large numbers of patients that needed to be treated. The government is on the process of making makeshift hospitals like NHS Nightingale hospital to help alleviate the pressure faced by many hospitals in the capital. Also, many health resources were trained in Covid19 management.

Although London is not on total lockdown, people are advised not to revert to the normal way of living. This would be dangerous. People are still advised to take precautionary measures such as wearing a mask and staying at home. A warning has been sent that if people go back to usual ways, such as not minding social distancing, they’ll likely see a second wave of the virus.

London right now is stabilizing. Travels by bus in London are now free, but passenger sare advised only to use the middle door. This is to protect the driver. It has been reported that 20 bus drivers have died due to COvid19. This measure has been taken to protect bus drivers. Even when public transport has been taken care of,  people still need to adhere to social distancing and staying home because the capital is certainly not past the crisis.

The Coronavirus is the worst crisis in London and other parts the world has faced in decades.  Over 30% of the world’s populations are in lockdown, isolated and staying on their homes. As the virus stunned the entire globe, it’s becoming obvious that no one can escape the impact it brings to society.